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Protection of Privacy in Regard to the Personal Data of Purchasers

The seller collects data of a personal nature regarding purchasers, which are transmitted on the website or by e-mail. He undertakes not to divulge these data to third parties. They are confidential. They will be used by the seller's internal services solely for processing orders with the aim of strengthening and personalising communication, in particular through information letters/e-mails as well as in the framework of the website personalisation in line with the stated preferences of the purchasers or for monitoring solvency.

The seller therefore does not sell, market or loan to third parties information on purchasers. The seller undertakes to first inform the purchaser of any transfer to or use by third parties of data of a personal nature and to allow him to exercise the right of refusal. The seller can also provide to third parties statistics concerning his purchasers, his sales, the structure of exchanges and information on his website, but these statistics will not contain any personal data. This article cannot, however, prevent the cession or transfer of activities to a third party.

The seller only retains data of a personal nature during the time needed to achieve the specific purposes with a view to which the processing is effected. To determine the appropriate period, account is taken of the quantity, nature and sensitivity of personal data, the purposes for which they are processed and the possibility of achieving these purposes by other means. Account is also taken of the need to conform to legal and regulatory obligations. When the data are no longer needed they will be destroyed.

Provided the legal conditions are fulfilled, the purchaser is entitled:  

- to request information to find out whether the seller possesses personal information and, if so, what this information is and for what purposes it is processed;  

- to access his or her personal data and, if necessary, to correct them;  

- to have his or her personal data deleted or their use limited;  

- to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority. 

The purchaser can exercise the rights mentioned hereabove by means of a dated and signed request accompanied, for security reasons, by a copy of his or her ID. The request can be addressed to the seller by post to 14, Solleveldstreet, 1200 Brussels, Belgium and by e-mail to If the request is clearly unfounded, access may be refused and reasonable costs can be invoiced.


The seller contracts obligations of means only, for all stages of access to the website, from the order to delivery and subsequent services. The seller cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences or damage inherent in the use of the Internet, specifically an interruption of service, exterior intrusion, or the presence of computer viruses, or any fact that could be described as a force majeure. In any event, the responsibility of the seller by the terms of the terms of sale cannot exceed an amount equal to the amounts paid or payable at the time of the transaction at the origin of the said responsibility.

Guarantee of Conformity

The products/services benefit from the statutory guarantee of conformity, laid down in articles 649bis to 1649octies of the Civil Code, and the statutory guarantee covering hidden defects, laid down in articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code. Among other things, the purchaser is entitled to have the seller repair or replace free of charge any products presenting non-conformities within two years of delivery (one year if a second-hand article), provided the request is submitted within two months of discovering the non-conformity. If a non-conformity appears within the first six months, the seller is a priori deemed to be responsible. However, the seller can be exonerated from this responsibility if the non-conformity is due to improper use on the part of the purchaser. If a non-conformity appears subsequently, the seller can request the purchaser to prove that it is a non-conformity that existed at the time of delivery of the article.

Intellectual Property

The site content, including the underlying technology, may be protected by copyright, trademark law or any other intellectual property right. The seller authorises the purchaser to place on his own website a simple link for direct access to the seller's website. On the other hand, any hypertext link to the website that uses framing, in-line or deep linking technology is forbidden. In any event, any link must be withdrawn on simple request by the seller.

Contact with the Seller

The purchaser has the option of contacting the seller by means of the contact form available in the "Contact" section or by means of the e-mail address

Invalidity and Integrality

If one or more of the terms of sale provisions should prove to be invalid the other provisions will retain their full force and scope.


The computerised registers, kept in the computing systems of the seller and his partners, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments made between the parties. In the framework of their relations, the parties accept the principle of electronic proof (for example: e-mail, backups, etc.).


The seller reserves the right to change the terms of sale and will communicate the new version to the purchaser via the website.

Applicable Law and Competent Courts

The terms of sale are governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute, an amicable solution will be sought before taking any legal action. The seller and purchaser may also have recourse to the European Dispute Resolution platform. Failing an amicable resolution, the courts of the Brussels judicial district will have jurisdiction.

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