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The expansion of open source is redefining IT job roles by requiring Linux skills. Knowledge of Linux is an important differentiator for business and IT professionals interested in big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, information systems, networking, programming, software development, and more.

NDG Linux Unhatched (8 h)

The NDG Linux Unhatched exposes new learners to the basics of Linux software installation and configuration, and introduces the Linux command line in a short self-paced course. Aligned to the Linux exam objectives found on the CompTIA A+ certification, learners develop basic Linux knowledge and whet appetite to further build Linux expertise by continuing with either NDG Linux Essentials or NDG Linux I.

  • Learn how Linux is everywhere, from wrist watches to rocket ships, along with the growing career opportunities requiring Linux skills.
  • Learn the basics of the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Apply Linux virtual machine knowledge step-by-step with hands-on lab activities.
  • Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.
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NDG Linux Essentials (70 h)

NDG Linux Essentials is designed for learners who are beginning to build Linux knowledge for a career in IT. You can take the course online, at your own pace, for free. Or, to take the course from an instructor, go to find an academy. (Many of the concepts in this course are covered at a more demanding pace in NDG Linux I.)

  • Learn basic open source concepts.
  • Understand how Linux is used and the basics of the command line.
  • Apply skills using Linux virtual machine with step-by-step and hands-on lab activities.
  • Build foundational knowledge for progressively mastering Linux commands.
  • Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.
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IT Essentials (70 h)

IT Essentials covers fundamental computer and career skills for entry-level IT jobs. The IT Essentials course includes hands-on labs that provide practical experience to prepare you for enterprise networking. Simulation tools help you hone your troubleshooting skills and practice what you learn.

  • Develop working knowledge of how computers and mobile devices operate.
  • Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities like malware, phishing, spoofing and social engineering.
  • Apply skills and procedures to install, configure, and troubleshoot computers, mobile devices, and software.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using both real equipment and Cisco Packet Tracer, a network configuration simulation tool.
  • Get immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and tests.
  • Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.
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NDG Linux I (140 h)

NDG Linux I is the first course in a 2-course series for aspiring Linux system administrators. Develop proficiency in performing maintenance tasks on the command line, installing and configuring a computer running Linux, and configuring basic networking, using virtual machines running Linux. NDG Linux I, 70 hours, prepares you for certification Exam 101 and covers: system architecture, Linux installation and package management, GNU and UNIX commands, devices, Linux file systems, and file system hierarchy standards.

  • Develop a working knowledge of the Linux command line.
  • Study with an instructor in the classroom or at your own pace. Access expert content online anytime.
  • Get immediate feedback on your knowledge through built-in quizzes and tests.
  • Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.
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